Our selection of natural ingredients of vegetable origin, often organic, guarantees a high level of quality and exemplary traceability. Our skin care collections are adapted for every need: Immortelle to help fight the signs of aging, Angelica for hydration and Shea Butter to help protect and nourish. With sensorial textures and aromatic fragrance, L'OCCITANE skin care also helps to perpetuate the Provençal savoir-faire. It is because our beauty secrets grow straight from the fields, that each product, each innovation promises a True Story.

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Three active ingredients, two textures for turning the clock back on skin damage. The new Immortelle  Reset is applied before you sleep, with more than 3000 golden bubbles working for you overnight to reveal renewed skin in the morning...

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Don’t let pollution get you down!

An urban lifestyle doesn’t have to dull your glow, or speed up the aging process. A simple daily routine is the key to long-lasting, radiant beauty.


A higher concentration that packs a punch

Immortelle essential oil is one of the strongest antioxidants on the market, helping remove free radicals that can wreak havoc on skin and cause premature aging. It envelops skin in a protective sheen that helps repair damaged cells and prevent any further degeneration. At a unique concentration, the oil can also protect and increase resilience of skin against external aggressions, like pollution and UV radiation.



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