Harmonie Divine Cream Refill

An eco-friendly, easy-to-use refill for your Divine Harmony Cream.
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This refill is designed to fit perfectly into your existing Harmonie Divine Cream jar.

For the very first time, L'OCCITANE has combined the power of the earth and the sea of Corsica at the heart of a cream with a new sensoriality. Immortelle Millésimée, the flower that never fades, melds together with Jania Rubens – the red algae with the ability to eternally regenerate. L'OCCITANE has drawn on the extraordinary powers of regeneration of its two precious extracts and integrated them into a youth ritual that offers targeted action to fight the visible effects of time on both the skin and the harmony of the face.

- Your complexion looks bright and luminous.
- The appearance of wrinkles is visibly reduced.
- Radiant and serene, your face reveals a new harmony.
- Millesimée Extract is a superior-quality essential oil with a unique concentration.
- Organic Immortelle Millésimée essential oil.

When combined with the Harmonie Divine Serum, 92% consumers reveal* skin’s texture feels refined.
Recharge for the Harmonie Divine Cream. Use morning and evening, on face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Apply to clean, dry skin and gently massage in.

Recharge :
1.Unscrew the lid of the cream
2. Grip the refill by the notches on the sides, then pull to remove it. If it won't come out easily, loosen first on one side, then to other
3. Insert your new refill, making sure that the widest notch, in the refill is lined up with the wide notch at the top of the jar.

Specific Energizing Gesture developed by our Spa Expert ; stimulate trigger points in order to :
1. Oxygenate the skin to make it more receptive
2. Have an optimum absorption and instant comfort
3. Release face tensions & Smooth out lines and wrinkles
Where land and sea meet, an eternal beauty is born. Your face is a reflection of your inner self. It is where the body and mind come together in harmony. With Harmonie Divine, L'Occitane unveils a new skincare line harnessing the fusion of two precious ingredients with exceptional properties: Immortelle Millésimée – the flower that never fades, even more precious – and Jania Rubens – the red algae with the ability to eternally regenerate Harmonie Divine
Organic immortelle essential oil from Corsica combined with oily and watery extract
Trace elements (magnesium, zinc and copper)
Hyaluronic acid
Echium oil
Cameline oil
Organic oenothera oil
Organic borage oil
Essential oil of myrtle organic
Spring honey from Corsica
Essential oil of organic microencapsulated myrtle
Encapsulated hyaluronic acid
Ingredient derived from vitamin C
Jania rubens, algae from Corsica
Millésimée Organic immortelle essential oil
QD Liquorice extract

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