Celebrating Craftsmanship

The true story of L'OCCITANE began in 1976. Its first 50 stores were made by craftsmen from Provence, using Provençal methods. The façades were painted with a mixture of ochre and limewash, the units were made by local carpenters and blacksmiths, and other details – such as floor tiles, mosaics and pottery – were produced by talented local workers. L'OCCITANE has grown a lot bigger since then, but our desire to work with skilled artisans and help keep craftsmanship alive and well is as strong now as it was over 40 years ago.  

Our commitment as a brand

Crafts in danger of extinction

If we do nothing, no less than 80 artisanal skills could disappear in Europe.

Our aim

Support the artisans of Provence, value their skills and help them prosper!

Value artisans in our stores

Our stores are the showcase for our products, of course, but why not also turn them into a showcase for the work of artisans? We want to take advantage of our international presence to share Provencal savoir-faire with our clients. In this way, we support not only artisans, we sensitize the public about the importance and beauty of traditions and crafts in today's world.


We will only work with artisans who meet our strict selection criteria! It's important that they share our values and always put the environment first. We want to have partnerships with craftsmen and women who take an ethical approach, show respect for others, and work with natural, high-quality materials. So the first step, before going any further, is to meet them, visit their workshops, and make sure their work is in tune with the spirit, values and roots of our brand.


We'll be developing projects to promote artisans through our products, store concept and accessories. Together we can design exclusive creations and tell the stories behind them. Let's put craftsmanship back where it belongs – in the spotlight!  

Our L'OCCITANE Commitments