The Aromacology travel set at $12.500 (normal price: $16.100). Options: Repairing Line, Nourishing Line.

The set contains:
Repairing Line:
Aromacology Repairing Shampoo 75 ml.
Aromacology Repairing Conditioner 75 ml.
2 x Aromacology Repairing Mask 6 ml.

Nourishing Line:
Aromacology Nourishing Shampoo 75 ml.
Aromacology Nourishing Conditioner 75 ml.
2 x Aromacology Nourishing Mask 6 ml.

Offer valid for all customer until 30/09/2018 or stock last (Repairing: 28 units, Nourishing: 28 units).

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