Provence in 3 must-see monuments

Provence has a wealth of cultural buildings with a surprising past that are must-sees on a getaway in the heart of the region. We focus on some of these exceptional sites that have made their mark on the region's history.
By Mélissa Darré

Notre Dame de la Garde basilica in Marseille

A symbol of Marseille, the famous "Good Mother" is the work of architect Henri Espérandieu. Perched on a rocky outcrop at the crossroads of the Roucas Blanc and Vauban neighbourhoods, this Roman-Byzantine style monument has watched over the city's inhabitants since 1864.

La basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde à Marseille
© Fotolia - Claude Coquilleau

The Arena of Arles

Built around the year 80 AD, this Roman amphitheatre extends to a length of 136 metres within the town. A place of battle in Antiquity, this emblematic structure of modern-day Arles is open to visitors and also hosts performances including concerts and bullfights.

Les Arènes d'Arles
© Fotolia - Gerhard1302

The bridge of Avignon

Made famous through the popular song inviting us to dance there, the four arches of the Saint-Bénezet bridge have stood on the city's left bank since 1185. Demolished repeatedly by the flooding of the Rhone, this is one of Provence's most iconic sights.

Le pont d'Avignon
© Fotolia - LAFORET Aurélien

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