Love stories are our true stories
For its 40th anniversary, L'Occitane celebrates the countless passions it shares with the men and women who cultivate true beauty, inspired by nature.
L'Occitane, #atruestory.
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The birth

Where it all started This is the true story of a son of Provence. A son with a passion for his land. Discover the dream of a 23-year-old who wanted to change the world, impassioned by the power of plants.

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The immortelle

The flower that never fades. This is the true story of immortelle, the flower that never fades. Known as the “golden sun”, this wild flower from Corsica has a secret all of its own.

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The shea butter adventure

The story of a meeting This is the true story of a meeting between Olivier Baussan and the women of Burkina Faso.

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4 tips to pamper those dry hands!
Your hands talk for you and about you. They say a lot about how you feel, your age and your lifestyle. Follow our tips and adopt a relaxing pampering ritual to keep nourished, young looking hands!
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2016 is a year of celebration, the perfect occasion for us to share our true stories with you.
Memories from Olivier Baussan, old packagings, original boutiques, inspiring landscapes, sensorial memories… Join the community on Facebook to discover the saga and for many other surprises!
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Created by L'Occitane, chosen by you! Distilling, planting, growing, innovating, committing… Over the past 40 years, L'OCCITANE has shared countless passions with the men and women who cultivate true beauty. 

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